It is now the dawn of a new era. Or, at the very least, the revival of a familiar one.

This site is where you can go to find all manner of things that pertain to my entertainment interests; books, television, video games, and movies. I will review some of the experiences I find particularly captivating, make announcements for exciting upcoming developments, and muse on the state of the entertainment industry as a whole.

So, although I’ve been away for over a year, I’m now back and armed with the determination to tell the world to read what I’ve read, to watch what I’ve watched, and to play what I’ve played!


Absence and Guilt


Here’s a fun exercise; go to your nearest cinema (or IMDb, for the lazy), and check out all the upcoming movie posters. Count how many contain the tagline “Based on…”, or some derivative thereof.

Are you back yet? No? I’ll wait.

Okay, so if I’m right, you should find quite a few of them. Adaptations landing on the big screen, from any medium, seem to grow in numbers every year. A simple search will yield many results, for novels alone.

So why are there so many adaptations on the horizon, compared to 10, 20, or 30 years ago? Is it a lazy way out to grab existing content and film it for the masses? Is it all about the easy money? And more importantly, is it doing justice to the original pieces?

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