You Should Totally Play: To The Moon

Many of the people closer to me understand that I don’t talk much. That’s fine. However, they also understand that I don’t generally open with normal conversations such as “Hi”, “How’s it going”, or “Please don’t touch me there”. Instead, it’ll be a verbal tirade of “OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO ‘X’ BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE ‘X’”!

In other words, I’m insufferable when trying to share my experiences with others. I can’t help it. One of my favourite things is to see someone’s reaction to shared experiences.

So this possible new series is to help them out; showing my new-found entertainment experiences in the passive form. These will be pseudo-reviews of the things that interest me, but that the wider public may not have heard of. I don’t want to convince people to read/watch/play something that they’ve already heard about and made a decision on. I know you don’t like Dark Souls, Lost, or Stephen King (for shame).

I want to show you what you don’t know about yet.

So, anyway… you totally should play To The Moon.

Johnny and his Lighthouse

To The Moon is a sincere and emotionally draining indie game which was released back in 2011. It tells the tale of Johnny, an elderly man on his death bed. Two scientists arrive, working for a company which allows them to manipulate a person’s memories. Their mission is to implant fake memories in Johnny, thereby granting him his final wish. Continue reading