A Brief Analysis of Interstellar

What can really be said about Interstellar that hasn’t already been mentioned by the hordes of cinema-goers? Whether they’re a part of Christopher Nolan’s fanbase, hate him, or even indifferent to him, everyone has something to say about this movie. Interstellar is certainly not without it’s critics, and it appears some reviewers are galaxies apart with their opinions. Is the movie primarily about the required scientific progress for the human race? Or the fragility and power of emotion that sets us apart and allows us to carry on?

As a preface, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and it’s still in cinemas; go now! This is a unique experience that cannot be summarised on wikipedia, or spoiled through word of mouth. You need to see it in it’s entirety to understand.

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You Should Totally Play: Child Of Light


If given one word to describe this game, that is what I would use. Loading up this game is like stepping into a watercolour painting, in a room filled with poets.

The question you’d most likely be asking at this point is; “would that really be my kind of thing?” It’s not really a major selling feature for most people. But, even though this game at it’s core is an artpiece, it is wrapped in extremely good gameplay.

You play a young Austrian girl called Aurora, who awakens in a strange world touched by darkness, in 1895. You’ll explore the vivid landscapes, interact with the colourful characters, and slowly transform from a naive young girl into a bold warrior. This is aided by soon finding a sword.
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You Should Totally Play: To The Moon

Many of the people closer to me understand that I don’t talk much. That’s fine. However, they also understand that I don’t generally open with normal conversations such as “Hi”, “How’s it going”, or “Please don’t touch me there”. Instead, it’ll be a verbal tirade of “OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO ‘X’ BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE ‘X’”!

In other words, I’m insufferable when trying to share my experiences with others. I can’t help it. One of my favourite things is to see someone’s reaction to shared experiences.

So this possible new series is to help them out; showing my new-found entertainment experiences in the passive form. These will be pseudo-reviews of the things that interest me, but that the wider public may not have heard of. I don’t want to convince people to read/watch/play something that they’ve already heard about and made a decision on. I know you don’t like Dark Souls, Lost, or Stephen King (for shame).

I want to show you what you don’t know about yet.

So, anyway… you totally should play To The Moon.

Johnny and his Lighthouse

To The Moon is a sincere and emotionally draining indie game which was released back in 2011. It tells the tale of Johnny, an elderly man on his death bed. Two scientists arrive, working for a company which allows them to manipulate a person’s memories. Their mission is to implant fake memories in Johnny, thereby granting him his final wish. Continue reading