WOTH: Platinum #14 – Dark Souls III (PS4)

This is one that I’m particularly proud of – a platinum trophy that requires great skill, patience, and luck. Not to mention it’s also from my favourite game series of all time!

Dark Souls III, quoted as being the last in the Dark Souls series, was an amazing way to cap it off. There was a wonderful mix of old and new faces, with many nods to former games in the larger universe of From Software games, including Demon Souls and Bloodborne. As someone who started out long ago with their first game Demon Souls, it was heartwarming to see throwbacks to such an old game (well, old for this particular genre).

For the uninitiated, Dark Souls III is an action-RPG set a medieval fantasy-esque world, where you alone fight through an open world with your weapons of choice including swords, shields, bows, clubs, etc. While exploring this visceral land, you’ll encounter questionable allies, hordes of well-placed enemies, and terrifyingly epic bosses to impede your progress. However, I’ll say nothing more on the story or the lore of the land, because your level of curiosity determines how much you understand. This game doesn’t spoon-feed you plot; you either ogle at all the cool things you fight and get on with it, or you can learn from item descriptions, and talk to NPCs to find out just who these important figures are, and why you’re pursuing such beings. There are countless YouTube channels out there that attempt to uncover the finer points of the lore, which are amazing when you realise the small touches in-game were placed there on purpose by the developers, just to check if we were paying attention.

Seems like a straightforward boss fight, right?

Seems like a straightforward boss fight, right?

You’d have probably heard from a few people, or online articles, that the Dark Souls franchise is the hardest one ever. That it is impossibly difficult, and you die over and over. Well, it certainly isn’t true. What the game does with it’s varied bosses and environments, is it teaches you to pay attention. You can’t go rushing in and swinging a mace at everything, hoping you’ll brush off the paltry hits you take and run through to the next area. No, you need to cultivate methods for different types of foes. Switch out your gear to more resistance of the type of damage they put out. Learn when you have openings to attack, and when to evade or adopt a defensive stance. Sure, for first timers of the series, you will die quite a lot, trying to figure things out. But dying in these games teaches you what to do – or at least what not to do. Dying is an integral part of the game, and unfortunately some people don’t have the patience for that. This game is probably not for them.

But the massive dopamine rush you get from overcoming a difficult obstacle is certainly worth it.

Online play is also a vital part of this game, as at times you may feel so overwhelmed that you need a little bit of Jolly Cooperation! Fortunately, you can summon other players to help you in real time, and likewise place your sign down to help others in their time of need. The lack of voice chat (mostly) or chatbox means you’re reduced to a set of gestures to convey your gratitude or annoyance. I feel that this actually makes for a much more civil form of communication. When you help kill a boss and they pump their fists in the air as you return to your homeworld, you feel like you’ve made a difference.

As with all online games, you get the evil side of it too. People can invade your world without asking, and hunt you down. It makes for some thrilling encounters, but generally you can find help somewhere if you’re trapped. User-dedicated fight clubs have also been set up in some areas, which makes for some excellent PvP. My Australian lag hindered me most of the time (thanks, NBN rollout), but it was still a fun experience.

The platinum took a total of about 100 hours for me, which included 3 playthroughs with one character. Some items you needed for the platinum only appeared in NG++, but it was still fun to run through against more difficult versions of the bosses. The only major annoyance is the grind to collect 30 of a particular item. that alone took perhaps 10 hours, farming one enemy type. Hopefully, drop rates improve in the future for prospective platinum collectors.


Well, all there is to do now, is wait for the DLCs so I can jump in again!

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