WOTH: Platinum #12 – Reality Fighters (PS Vita)

Have you ever wanted to fight like a world champion boxer, dominate opponents with Muay Thai, or perhaps… the brutal world of ballet? But, instead of peak physical fitness or any related fighting skills at all, you only had a face able to be captured onto a standard 3D game model? Well, you’re in luck with this incredibly average augmented reality game!

Reality Fighters was one of the launch titles for the PS Vita back in early 2012. The main idea is for you to capture your face and place it on a model fighter, and you would then go and fight a variety of characters each with distinct fighting styles, ranging from the ridiculous ‘Disco’ style right up to Muay Thai. This can be done through a standard Story Mode, where you gradually unlock clothes, fighting styles, and characters; through the overdone fighting genre challenges such as Time Attack or Survivor modes, or even online against other creations (or abominations) other players have made.

The punchline for this game is that it utilises the Vita’s inbuilt motion sensor and cameras to place these fighters in your world. You could be out in the park, and they’d fight on the grass right in front of you. Or, more likely, you’ll watch them fight on the bathroom floor while you’re on the can. Anything is possible! However, if you don’t feel like waving your Vita around, pointing it at a landmark you can fight on, there are quite a few presets of real world places you can fight near instead. The camera will still slightly move around depending on how you hold your Vita.

Just your standard fight between a breakdancer and a superhero in front of road works.

Just your standard fight between a breakdancer and a superhero in front of road works in Dubai.

Getting back to my button-mashing roots was pretty fun for a while, and some of the fighting styles have some reality cool ‘ultimate moves’, which are fun to see play out. Additionally, it was great to see so many of the unique functions of the Vita utilised. And the sheer amount of customisation unlocks is pretty good, if you want to make sure your fighter looks their best (or most ridiculous). But in order for your fighter to look its best, you must make sure the face capture works well. I’m not sure if I’d let my abomination out for the public to see..

Got my game face on.

Got my game face on.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why I wouldn’t pick this up again. Each fighting styles only has perhaps 8 distinct moves, whereas you’d expect a lot more. The main feature of having the scene move around while you play can be infuriating, as if you’re like me and wave the controller around in tense situations, at times you won’t be able to see what’s going on since you’re not pointing the camera at it, only to see the You Lose text pop up. Also, since I’m playing this over four years after release, the servers are pretty much deserted. A fighting game loses most of its replay-ability when there’s no real people to fight.

Regarding the road to the platinum, there are only three distinct pillars of difficulty. Achieving 30 wins in survivor will be tough, so you must equip yourself with the best gear and weapons, and follow online guides. Beating 5 friends online will require scouring forums for help, and some trickery, since you won’t see 5 within the hour. Contact others who need the trophy, and before each fight, set your Vita clock back to within the hour of your prior wins. Finally, the trophy for unlocking every item can be particularly grindy, so make sure you’ve popped a movie on or something in the background.

This was essentially a platinum only achieved because it was there, free, from PlayStation Plus. Onward to better things!


Platinum Trophies currently vying for:

  • Dark Souls III (PS4)
  • Split/Second (PS3)
  • The Walking Dead: S1 (PS4)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4)

What are you aiming for?


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