WOTH: Platinum #10 and #11 – Sound Shapes (PS4/PS3)

In this episode of the Well Overdue Trophy Hunt, I explored a world of colour and sound – again!

First of all, let’s discuss that elephant-sized shape in the room. The main reason I replayed this after completing it on the PS Vita was for the sweet tones of the trophy pops. I’m not too ashamed about it, since I really enjoyed the game the first time around anyway. Second of all, I actually played through Sound Shapes twice more than most people do, for the same amount of trophies. How, you may ask? Well, from a well-known trick I was not aware of, until I had already deleted my Vita save file.

Sound Shapes is blessed as being cross-platform, and cross-save. What this means, is that you can buy it and download it for any of the three current generation Playstation consoles.

That’s great, you say, a relatively easy platinum, and I can just play it three times from one purchase! Go me!

Well now, what makes this an even better game for the veritable trophy scavenger in all of us, is that you can exploit it even further with a cloud save across platforms. Oh yes, that’s right. You complete it on one, upload your save to the cloud, download the save to another console, and sit back to the dopamine rush of 87 silver trophies coming in all at once, for doing nothing at all.

Coincidentally, this screenshot includes the sound you make as the trophies roll in.

Coincidentally, this screenshot includes the sound you make as the trophies roll in.

The Post PS Vita version of me didn’t know this, but after deleting the file then bragging online about my new platinum, I was quickly brought up to speed. I wasn’t too phased though, as I had enjoyed the journey, except for a few of the Death Mode challenges (looking at you, Beyonder album). So in the end, I finished it again on the PS4, but used the cloud sync trick for the PS3. Again – I’m not ashamed, when most people play it only once and sync twice.

Now onto the game, which is for the most part really artistic and fun. Each of the 5 main albums were designed by different artists and music was provided by various known musicians. Beck, Deadmau5, and even Jim Guthrie, of Sword & Sworcery fame, took part. Jim’s was my favourite, as it told an interesting corporate story through the levels. What makes these levels so great, though, is the realisation that you can create these levels yourself, or any other unique creation if you have the ability. You simply place notes to collect on each screen, and they add to the overall music in the game. Even enemies and obstacles provide their own tones, so you can whip up some fantastic melodic creations, with the help of the Beat School mode – where, incidentally, you’ll get most of your trophies.

Once you complete all of the 5 albums, you are awarded with Death Mode for each level, which is a quick challenge to get x amount of notes in y seconds. A fun twist, however here’s the gripe – the placement of these notes is randomly generated. Different for each attempt. And often, these notes appear very far from each other in succession, eating up precious seconds to get to them. Because of this, for some levels, it will be impossible to succeed based on these irritating placements. So, the game infuriated me when it shifted away from skill, and more into luck of where the notes would be.

Other than than, I still enjoyed revisiting Sound Shapes. It was a… sound decision.

Ugh, I’m sorry.

Currently on the Playing list:

  • The Walking Dead: Season 1 (PS4)
  • Dark Souls III (PS4)
  • Split/Second (PS3)
  • Reality Fighters (PS Vita)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4)

What are you currently playing for the platinum?



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