The WOTH: Well Overdue Trophy Hunt

No, this kind of trophy hunting isn’t anything to do with wild game, or wives.

The WOTH series will contain the chronicles of my very belated attempts at collecting PlayStation trophies… in all their digital glory. With my new PS Vita purchase back in September 2015, I decided to flesh out my meagre level 3 PSN account. Since then, I made sure I lapped up every single trophy available to me, both from my own few purchases and the monthly free games on PlayStation Plus (even though the mix of good and terrible games has been a point of contention online for quite a while now).

So where am I now? after around 9 months, I’ve collected 9 platinum trophies, with a 890 trophies in total. Platinum trophies are only obtained from larger games, after you get every other trophy. Some trophies are trivially easy (anything by Telltale Games), but others are insane and borderline impossible (Super Meat Boy anyone?).

My Platinum Trophies so far, in order:
Velocity Ultra

  1. Velocity Ultra (PS Vita) – A great take on the classic space arcade shooter, and perfect for the handheld Vita. The style and difficulty level was right up my alley, with not too much grinding for the platinum at all.
  2. Tekken 6Tekken 6 (PS3) – Growing up with the classic Tekken games on the original Playstation, I had to get this one out. Although fun at the start, making sure to complete arcade mode with each of the 41 characters was a grind. And the Nightmare Train level really was just that.
  3. BastionBastion (PS Vita) – Had already played this on the PC a while back, but had to give this a replay. The soundtrack and art style is incredible, with so much depth of gameplay in the weapon and skill combinations you can choose. Decent difficulty, and not grindy.
  4. Dark SoulsDark Souls (PS3) – An all time favourite game to an all time favorite series. I had first beaten this at release, and returning to Lordran was like donning a warm glove in winter. Platinum was a task that required a guide, however, as obtaining some items were finicky.
  5. Broken AgeBroken Age (PS Vita) – A great way to initiate myself to the point-and-click genre. Refreshing style, and and such an original story played out from two separate perspectives, connected by destiny. Not to mention a couple of big A-list actors lent their voices!
  6. Hotline MiamiHotline Miami (PS Vita) – Perhaps the hardest platinum yet, if I hadn’t already beaten Dark Souls long ago. Mad soundtrack that I listened to even outside the game, and blood… so much blood. Apparently the sequel has an even more difficult platinum. We’ll see how masochistic I’m feeling in the future…
  7. Steins;GateSteins;Gate (PS Vita) – A first look into the visual novel genre for me, and I feel like it might be ruined now. Because if this isn’t the best VNs have to offer, I’d be shocked. From such a goofy premise, the intensity ramps up to 11. So many heart-crippling moments through this game with multiple endings, it takes a few days to even digest them.
  8. Sound ShapesSound Shapes (PS Vita) – So this started out as a blatant trophy grab (87 silver trophies in one game? Whaaaat.) but I quickly came to realise I loved the experience. With music sampling from Jim Guthrie, of Sword and Sworcery fame, this was a short but excellent trip. There’s quite a bit of replay-ability with creating your own levels, too.
  9. Table Top Racing World TourTable Top Racing: World Tour (PS4) – The first domino to fall on the new PS4, this was one of the free monthly games on PS Plus. It’s an excellent toy kart racer with some great tracks. The weight and handling of the cars actually makes it feel like you’re a kid smashing toy cars together in the basement, making engine sounds.

So far I’ve found a good mix of difficult and easy Platinums among my small list. I’ve generally enjoyed each of the roads in achieving these, although there were some grinds towards the end for some (looking at you, Tekken 6). With each new platinum, I’ll give my thoughts on the game itself, and the difficulty involved in going all the way.

Currently on the playing list:

So what games are you playing? Are you hunting for those sweet trophies as well? Or does the notion of trophy hunting spoil the enjoyment of games in general? Let me know!




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