The Gamification of Gaming

I recall the days when my brother and I would gather around our original Playstation and duke it out. Not with our fists (although that sometimes happened), but with our gaming skills. His dominant genres were always Racing and Shooter games, but I kicked his ass in other games like Tekken and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. There were no outside pressures, no need to keep track of who was winning more games than the other overall *cough* even though it was me *cough*. It was more a case of “I’m bored. Army Men 3D?” to which the correct response was “Righto, why not.”

Them graphics.

Them graphics.

Because we were blessed with an awesome and generous older brother, we had a chipped Playstation, and hundreds of copied game discs, so there was no shortage of options. We’d drop a game in, have a few rounds until one of us got sick of losing, or until both of us got sick of the game, and we’d then try a different one. But that’s all it was; playing games because they were fun, and some short-lived bragging rights. Going solo, if I thought a game was captivating enough, and that it was easy enough to accomplish, I would go for 100% completion. All the best times, all the collectibles. If the game was just okay, I would move on. No point in wasting my time over it.

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Reading in 2015: Surprises and Great Anticipations

As the year 2015 draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the wild ride that came of it. Personally, I quit my unsatisfying desk job, and decided to move to Beijing for 5 months, ineffectively flailing my limbs as I taught English in a Chinese boarding school. That brought on a whole new tidal wave of challenges, with my learning a foreign language from scratch being the most prominent.

However, something that has remained consistent throughout these new experiences has been my hunger for truly memorable books. No matter where I am, no matter how isolated I feel or how difficult life seems, I can isolate myself even further, locking myself into a book, and use the pages as walls to barricade me from reality. Not that reality is something to be avoided entirely, but it needs to be witnessed from another perspective at times, a perspective that can be found in amazing universes created by gifted authors.

So, with my busy slice of reality, I didn’t take my 2015 reading challenge lightly when I chose to read 20 books. After completing my 20th novel yesterday, I wanted to reflect on the year of literature I’ve experienced; fiction and non-fiction, classics and contemporary, well-received and shunned. So, here is my list for 2015:

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It is now the dawn of a new era. Or, at the very least, the revival of a familiar one.

This site is where you can go to find all manner of things that pertain to my entertainment interests; books, television, video games, and movies. I will review some of the experiences I find particularly captivating, make announcements for exciting upcoming developments, and muse on the state of the entertainment industry as a whole.

So, although I’ve been away for over a year, I’m now back and armed with the determination to tell the world to read what I’ve read, to watch what I’ve watched, and to play what I’ve played!


Absence and Guilt