You Should Totally Read: The Farseer Trilogy

“One can only walk so far from one’s true self before the bond either snaps, or pulls one back.” – Royal Assassin

I finally decided to dip my feet in the cool waters of the Fantasy genre a little while ago. While you could argue that Stephen King’s stories sometimes break into fantasy (most notably the Dark Tower series, which in my opinion could mask itself as any genre), they aren’t “true” fantasy tales.

A couple of my friends recommended the author Robin Hobb as my first experience, and I thought: ‘why not’. It was completely new to me; there were no adaptations out there, nobody had spoiled any endings, and the books all came in trilogies. You couldn’t get any more standard than that.

But let me emphasise here; The Farseer Trilogy is not your standard fantasy series. It is a well-written and cohesive piece of work that will stick with you long after you’ve set the last book down.

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