BIRP October: Music Taste Finally Discovered


If you haven’t heard of, and you’re a fan of new Indie/Rock music, let me tell you about the best source of all things Indie and Rock music.

BIRP stands for Blalock’s Indie/Rock Playlist. Josh Blalock and Jill Angelstad create an incredible compilation of 100+ songs every month, which is a combination of well-known artists, amateurs sending in their work for exposure, and everything else in between.

The playlist artwork for every month is also a great drawcard, which somehow reflects the music within it.

Generally, I can find 10 amazing new songs each month, while the rest are also very good as background music. I’ve never needed to skip a song.

Anyway, after downloading the torrent every month since June 2012, this month’s playlist has made my ears prick up more than usual. I think that with the songs listed below, I’ve finally pinpointed my taste in music.

I can generally listen to anything, but these are the kind of tunes that make you drop everything, and just experience it and it alone.

Listen to this subset of some my favourite tracks of October 2013, and see if you have a similar taste in music!

1.       Whisper – Wolf Catcher

This. This is a truly haunting, yet beautiful track. You can’t help but close your eyes and experience it fully.

2.       A World of Peace – Jacoo

Thank Charlie Chaplin for this. His emotional speech, an appeal to humanity, serves as the centrepoint for this sample. A very high impact song.

3.       Comeback – 80s Stallone

As the artist’s name suggests, this instrumental one somehow transports you back to the 80s action movies, while using the modern music techniques. Addictive.

4.       Easy – Son Lux

Just when you think it’s a pretty cruisey tune, a bit reserved… it brings forth a brass attack that that transports you to some rooftop bar.

5.       If There’s Time – ODESZA

Another one of those simple samples where the swells between softer vocals and assaults of bass mix perfectly.

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