“Where have you been all day? Playing games in your room?” My mother would interrogate as she craned her neck in my direction. There I’d be, trapped in the doorway on the way to the kitchen in order to get a quick fix before resuming whatever mission I was on.

“Yeah, just playing GTA.” I was transfixed on the floor, knowing what would come next. It always did.

“Sitting indoors all day isn’t healthy for you; you’ll get square eyes if you’re not careful!” She then would produce a light snarky chuckle, before returning her gaze to her very own 70cm hypnotic box. A slow rage built up within me, because I saw this exact same scenario three times today, when I checked in to the rest of the house. She hadn’t moved.

“Oh, and I suppose watching TV all day is no different.” I remarked as I slipped out of sight.

“Shhh, honey, the ads are over and The Bold and the Beautiful is on.”

This is exactly what she looks like.

And there it was; the double standard. Something that countless kids had to deal with growing up. So why is it that it’s such a taboo thing to be seen as playing games? Or, more specifically, to be spending so much time on them, when it is usually a mere fraction of the time some spend in front of the TV? Video games are viewed to be much unhealthier than any other form of media.

So… why is that? Continue reading